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Anonymous said: So that person you're interested in, do they know? How's it going if they do know?

Id say they know and it’s going absolutely no where at the moment. Cheers! 😒🍻

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rememberingallineverhad said: You're lovely :)

Oh thank you 🙈 right back at you, beautiful! You are stunning.

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Anonymous said: hi, I'm a closet lesbian and I was wondering if you had any flirting tips for me... I just feel so lonely.

I’m sorry you feel so alone but I want you to know you are not! I understand that these things take time and are often complex depending on your family and social circle. I think it is important to find someone who you can trust to talk to when you are ready. To answer your question I think it is really important to just be you! Putting yourself out there is hard but the reality is that using tips or tricks isn’t going to help you find someone who genuinely just likes you for being you. Tumblr is a great place to find people who may be on a similar journey to the one you are on! 

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Anonymous said: Hi, i love you. :*

Hi, you’re sweet, but this can’t be true

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moxjo said: You are very good looking. ☺️ 🙌

😳 Thanks, kid.

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Anonymous said: You have really nice teeth

Thank you! 😬


the sun wasn’t rising on this side but I like this pic better than all the rest
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the sun wasn’t rising on this side but I like this pic better than all the rest

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Looking good, Brad.
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Looking good, Brad.

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savannah-supra said: I wish I had a girl like you 😳

Awe thanks, kid. You’re sweet.

Sep 18, 2014

Anonymous said: When did you and your ex break up?

Which one? My last long term relationship ended one year and five months ago. 

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Anonymous said: R u interested in guys or girls

Give my blog a scroll my friend.

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Anonymous said: So Im 20, female and never been kissed, well this one time when I was like 12 but that doesn't count. Its kinda sad I'm 20 and never been kissed but when you have a super super strict and reserved family combined with illness and social isolation kissing just doesn't happen. So the point of this is there's this girl and i think she's awesome, i want to kiss her but how do i get over that first kiss nervousness of having no fucking idea what I'm doing and pressure of not being a super shit kisser

First of all, I am sorry to hear about your illness. I can totally relate to this ask because my first kiss was summer of grade 9. While yours is a little later in life, I know the feeling completely. All of my friends seemed to have already kissed one (if not many) people and as time passed I became more and more anxious. I built it up in my head and was so nervous about messing it up/being a bad kisser…got so nervous I even attempted to make out with my arm a few times to “practice”. Looking back it seems ridiculous and lame but at the time I get that it seems like the world might end if you don’t nail a Notebook style first kiss. This is my advice:

1) As hard as it is try not to stress about it. Overthinking it will backfire.

2) Kissing is natural and although it may take a moment or two to get the hang of it try and just go with the flow.

3) Keep it simple. Don’t Google how to be a good kisser and try and throw in tongue acrobatics and lip biting and all that jazz. This will come in time if you’re into it but just play it cool at first. Avoid using your tongue much at all because sometimes first time kissers overdo this and end up licking people’s faces off.

4) Remember that if this girl is as awesome as you say she is, a first kiss will not make or break anything. In fact, she might really enjoy teaching you. ;)

Good luck and may your saliva exchange be magically delicious. 

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howwyouudoin said: Your text post about love is on point 👌

Glad you dig it. Love your blog url…hoping it is a Friends reference. 


Sep 18, 2014

princessmadilynn said: Your caption on my dog picture is adorable :) thank you

Is that multi-coloured dog yours?! I’m obsessed! No worries. Thanks for posting that awesome photo. 


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Since when is “he is a good guy” or “she is a good person” a reason to keep dating someone? She didn’t cheat on you? He doesn’t lie? Who cares. I’m over people thinking that they deserve good. You deserve late night phone calls and good morning text messages. You deserve surprise pizza parties and hours of pillow talk. You deserve a spontaneous adventure to that view you’ve always wanted to see or scent you’ve always wanted to breathe or music you’ve always wanted to hear. You deserve so many tears from so many laughs and funny faces and inside jokes and a flow of magnetic energy from your finger tips to your toes. You deserve for someone to really see you. Not just look… see you. Examine you. Be in awe of you. Taste you like the first time they put chocolate in their mouth and listen to you like the first time they heard The Beatles. She tells you you are beautiful? So what. He tells you you are kind? Who cares. I’m over people settling because “there’s nothing to complain about”.
You don’t deserve good.
Your job is nice. Your school is fine.
Make your love extraordinary.